The TRANSPOTANK tanks are horizontal axis constructed with high-grade sheet metal and painted with synthetic glaze blue after sandblasting.
Since they are equipped with Rina Certificate, they are exempt from ADR requirements

Tanks for the transport of dangerous and/or flammable liquids on road. It is of containers in a horizontal position, with inside anti-shake bulkheads, so as to limit the movement of the liquid during transport, supported and protected by a metal frame that guarantees the handling and protection from accidental impact. The tape dispensing, accessories and safety equipment, are enclosed within a protective casing.

Standard equipment

  • Internal bulkhead to mitigate the flutter during transport
  • 3″ filling plug with quick connection
  • 1″ flange and exhaust flange
  • 2″ safety valve, flameproof approved
  • Inspection hatch full of bolts and seal
  • Rigid contoured frame protection
  • Davit socket
  • 12 V or 24 V group dispenser with connecting cables to the machine of use, 4 meters of rubber hose for dispensing diesel fuel and a manual aluminium type gun, closed in a lockable cabinet.