SINCO Ltd. is specialized in refurbishing tank of LPG and also in assembly, finishing and selling of mobile dispensers and fuel tanks.

Using reliability and experience gained from its human resources and encouraged by an innate spirit of innovation that distinguishes it, SINCO srl has consolidated, in more than 25 years, its presence on the market. Its organisational system is able to respond with flexibly to the needs of customers in full respect of delivery times and of high quality standards that have always been a strong point for the company.

SINCO Ltd. also sells LPG products, such as barbecue, outdoor kitchens, power generators, indoor and outdoor stoves.


Guided by Pasquale Tramontano with wisdom and experience, the management of SINCO srl is formed by highly qualified and highly motivated people who make Customer satisfaction one of the most important business objectives, always respecting absolute values ​​such as safety, quality and environment! SINCO srl is one of the leading companies in the GPL sector, such as ENI, LIQUIGAS, ULTRAGAS, BUTANGAS, AUTOGAS NORD GROUP,  LAMPOGAS, GOLDENGAS and others, it stands out for

  • Great care and attention to customer requests
  • Innovation
  • High quality standards
  • Constant training of staff
  • Fast and continous support



Since its inception, SINCO srl had always standed out for the quality of its production processes and for the continuous search for technologically advanced and innovative solutions.