SINCO patented models


“POUCH” is an innovative underground LPG tank concept.

POUCH is a European patent * of which SINCO Ltd is the exclusive licensee.

The objective of this invention is to make the installations of underground tanks simpler, being able to reduce the distances by tall plants (as expected by the DM 14.05.2004) as well as the size of the excavations for the positioning of the tanks.

All this is possible thanks to a protective bag (POUCH), the BIG-BAG type, made of anti-root fibre certificate from one of the best agricultural universities in Italy.

Within the same lot it is placed the tank for LPG, together with the sacrificial anode, the reference electrode and to a sand enriched with bentonite conceived to maintain the cathodic protection always wet and active.

The resilience of the bag also allows to effectively protect the coating of the tank from accidental bumps during transport and it will also aid in handling, installation and eventual removal.

With POUCH tank you get a faster tight fit at lower price.

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* European patent for “gas tank with protection system for underground installation” no. EP 1,435,481.
Download PDF POUCH Model Brochure

ECO Model

The ECO model tanks, after the finishing cycle, are placed on a plastic saddle, containing sand enriched with bentonite, and anchored to the same by means of strapping rotproof and of adequate mechanical strength. Cathodic protection is activated by positioning, within the saddle, and completely immersed in humidified sand, the anode and the reference electrode and the correct operation it is certified.

The ECO tanks are suitable for installation underground without the need for additional ballasting.