SINCO S.r.l.

[icon icon=”fa fa-certificate” position=”icon-center” title=”Quality”]For years in the tank industry we have learned all the techniques to guarantee our customers the best quality of production[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-sitemap” position=”icon-center” title=”Service”]Over time we have created a certification and warranty chain. We have obtained quality certificates, for us really important, just like our customers.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-thumbs-o-up” position=”icon-center” title=”Reliability”]Experience makes our production processes even more reliable. New state-of-the-art techniques and equipment create a winning combination[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-check-square-o” position=”icon-center” title=”Safety”]The safety and care of the detail during all the reconditioning phases make the error margins of our production cycle to the minimum tolerable.[/icon]
[icon icon=”fa fa-lightbulb-o” position=”icon-center” title=”Innovation”]We keep our technicians and collaborators always up to date. Our knowledge advances just like the technology we use.[/icon][icon icon=”fa fa-envira” position=”icon-center” title=”Enviroment”]The use of LPG and attention to recycling mean that respect for the environment is a priority here at Sinco[/icon]

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